Personal Details 个人资料
Emergency Contact 紧急联络人
Event Registration 活动报名
(Sizing Info) Please refer to the t-shirt size info before select.
(Sizing Info) Please refer to the t-shirt size info before select.

Please fill in all the required information marked with * to proceed. 所有附带 * 标签的信息框都必须填上才能进入下一页。
Conditions 条款

1. I understand that this registration is Non Refundable, Non Transferable. This registration only valid upon payment made. 我清楚和明白注册经费不可退还及不可转让。 此注册只有在收到全额付款后才有效。

2. I understand the risk of participating in this event and will not claim any damage or injury from organizer during or after the event. 我理解参加本次活动的风险,如在活动中发生任何损失或伤害,我不会要求组办单位付任何赔偿。

3. By participating in the event, I have read and understood the rules & regulations and I agree to participate on the understanding that, I must adhere to ALL the rules and regulations stipulated. 我已查阅和同意所有相关的规则及条款并保证会竭尽所能地去遵守该规定。

4. I hereby acknowledge and confirm that my parent(s)/guardian(s) have given the consent and permission for me to take part in this event. 我在此声明及确认我的父母/监护人已同意和准许我参加此次活动。

Parent / Guardian Details 父母 / 监护人资料
Final Step 终结

Please confirm the following information are correct 请确认以下信息是正确的:

Name 姓名: John Doe
IC No. / Passport No. 身份证号 / 护照号: 990102130000
Gender 性别: Male
E-mail 电子邮件:
Handphone No. 手机号码: 0101000100

Category 类别: Category
Group 组别: Subcategory
T-shirt size 衬衫尺码: -
T-shirt size 衬衫尺码: -
Add-on 附加产品: Yes
Total Price 总价: RM0

Payment 付款

Please select a payment method 请选择付款方式:

Please deposit the payment to the following bank account once you have submitted this form:

Bank 银行名称: Bank Name
Name 姓名: Account Holder
Account No. 户口号码: 01234567

If you selected online payment option, please kindly ignore the information above. 如果已选择在线支付选项,请您忽略上述信息。